Testimonial 20

October 9, 2011

Letter of Recommendation for Pastor David Hildebrand


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to offer my unreserved recommendation for Pastor David Hildebrand, currently a wedding officiant in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

My husband and I first met Pastor David Hildebrand when he officiated our friends’ wedding we both stood up in as a bridesmaid and groomsman. When it came time to plan our wedding a few years later, we instantly thought of Pastor David Hildebrand and knew he would be the perfect person to officiate our wedding ceremony.

We had the difficult task of planning an out-of-state wedding (Chicago to Detroit). Our initial contact with Pastor David Hildebrand was by phone. He quickly provided all the information needed to make decisions regarding ceremony and costs. Pastor David was very thorough in guiding us through the planning of our ceremony. He was very flexible in working with us via e-mail and phone until we were able to meet with him in person.

As the bride, there were many things about Pastor David Hildebrand that stood out to me and helped make my day special. He did a wonderful job of taking charge at the rehearsal and was very clear in directing us through the ceremony. Also, he took it upon himself to bring a PA system on the day of the ceremony. Had he not brought this, many of our guests sitting in the back rows would not have been able to hear the ceremony clearly. Additionally, Pastor David has a calming presence that worked wonders in keeping me calm and steady during the ceremony and vows.

The ceremony itself was amazing beyond words. The ceremony was beautiful and elegant, and our guests marveled over how warm and intimate it was. The vows Pastor David wrote were simply beautiful and truly unique; a true reflection of my husband and me. We received endless compliments on his behalf from our friends and family.

We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding ceremony. Pastor David Hildebrand is a true professional and very passionate about his work, which was apparent to all. He was truly amazing to work with and made our ceremony the most memorable occasion.



Sara and Derek Fox