How to Find the Best Michigan Wedding Officiant

Does this describe your choice of a Michigan Wedding Officiant?

The ceremony is important because it is the heart of your wedding day and the reason for the celebration to follow. It incorporates the pure beauty and your love commitment to one another. You want your guests to walk out of your ceremony with warm hearts, tears in their eyes saying, “That was the best wedding ceremony we have ever attended.” When we have accomplished this together, then you have fulfilled you dream wedding ceremony. So it’s important that your choice of a Michigan Wedding Officiant should be just as polished as everything else. Don’t fall into the trap of cutting corners in this crucial step or trying to get it done as quickly as possible so the “Party” can begin.

From your Michigan Wedding Officiant’s perspective, your ceremony should not go over 30 minutes as your guest’s will become restless not to mention the two of you standing for the “duration”.

Listen to your heart

Find an officiant you can connect with and put your mind at rest. Someone who listens, is flexible and can answer your questions. Someone that you sense has your best interest at heart. Can you write your own vows or add other special touches to the ceremony? Are you looking for a little humor in the ceremony? Can you use contemporary readings or are religious or scripture readings required? Will they work with you to develop a ceremony which honors the religious traditions and beliefs of both families. Will your officiant have a selected backup in case of an emergency, or would you need to find an alternate yourself.

Consider Credentials

The Officiant is as central to your Wedding day as the photographer or the caterer. Most professional Michigan Wedding Officiants have performed hundreds of ceremonies and can guide you calmly through what can otherwise un-necessarily stress you out. If you choose a friend or family member to perform the ceremony, be sure to schedule several practice sessions so you can avoid a day of disaster! Many Michigan Wedding Officiants that have been ordained online have taken a short cut through the path that ministers have spent years training for. Performing a ceremony successfully requires more than just standing up front and saying a few words. It is being able to read the audience and change tones and delivery accordingly. It is being able to know beforehand what is going to flow and when to include tasteful light hearted material. The Wedding officiant is there to set the tone for the celebrations to follow. They must have a soothing persona that calms the jangled nerves to deliver the ceremony in a way that reflects the hearts of the Bride and Groom. How many at your wedding will say “that was the best ceremony we have ever heard…

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