Testimonial 19

To Who It May Concern,

I have known Pastor David Hildebrand for almost one year, we have had more than one meeting and he was very friendly and professional. His mannerisms and characteristics made me feel that I have known him for many years. He is very knowledgable on many things and likes everyone to feel comfortable.

He never tried to push any religion on to me or my husband as we are not very religious people, but from our meetings with him we felt he was helping guide us. In recent months after our wedding we have decided to go back to church, we now feel that going helps with building a home and family together. I will continue to reach out to Pastor Dave for future obstacles I may face with work, home or family; I feel that I have found a life time confidant who will direct me in the right direction.

Pastor Dave was the officiant for my wedding and I have to say every single one of my family members and guest enjoyed Pastor Dave. He came on time and prepared for the rehearsal and he made sure that everyone knew how to walk and where to stand so that everything on the day of ran smoothly. On the day of the wedding he was very professional and had all of his own equipment to set everything up.

I would highly recommend him for an event, he will always be on time, make you feel comfortable and be prepared. He will stay in contact and make sure that you are feeling prepared for your big day. He will do whatever it is that you need him to do and he will do it well and with pride. He has stayed in contact with us to make sure we are doing well and to see how things are going.



Danielle Fallow